Building Your Roadmap For Success (Phase 3): Your Bi-Weekly Review to Stay on Track

Building Your Roadmap For Success (Phase 3): Your Bi-Weekly Review to Stay on Track

So you've made it to Part 3 of our Roadmap for Success series. Now it's time to review your work to stay on track. If you've made it this far, congratulations!

If you are visiting our blog for the first time, make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this Workshop Series so you can reap the full benefits.

Alright, back to our Workshop.

How does it feel to have your new morning and evening routines? Are you feeling more energized? 

To keep the energy flowing, I suggest a bi-weekly review process that helps you to acknowledge the things you're achieving, course-correct, and stay motivated moving forward. 

We all tend to focus on what we're not getting done or not enough as opposed to what we do accomplish. But if you don't look at what you actually are achieving, you’ll end up feeling defeated, or you're not getting anything done, you feel like you're not enough, and you'll never actually accomplish your goals. 

frustration with results

This process is important for building confidence and belief in yourself and to curb frustration about results not coming fast enough. 


STEP 1: Review your progress 

  • What "must-have" results did you achieve?  
  • What "must-have" results did you NOT yet achieve? 
  • How have/will you celebrate your successes? 

Next, review “Not Achieved” Tasks. 

I want you to consider whether they are all "Must Have" results for you or not. Sometimes, we realize that something isn't a must-have result and that's why we were pushing it off. If that's the case for any, draw a line through them. 

Now for the ones that are left, I want you to ask yourself "What can I do to get them completed over the next period of time?" Write your action plan below: 

STEP 2: Review your proud moments 

What are you most proud of from these past 2 weeks and why?

What did you struggle with? Why did you struggle? What did you learn from the struggle?

STEP 3: Internal Challenges 

Take a moment to reflect on the prompts below and start thinking about what internal challenges may be holding you back and how you can start overcoming them. 

When I look back at the things that caused me to feel negative emotions, what patterns do I notice? 

What can I do differently over the next 2 weeks to do better with these challenges?

STEP 4: Scoring your habits, focus, and life balance 

Rate (scale of 1-10) how you feel about each of the following and calculate your scores 

  • Habits and Focus Scores 
  • How consistent was your morning routine? 
  • How connected did you stay with your WHY? 
  • How consistent were you with setting your success mindset? 
  • How well did you stay focused on your “must-have” results during this time?
  • How strong were your focus and energy? 
  • How confident and courageous were you? 
  • How happy were you with your result? 
  • How well did you follow your own voice and ignore opinions and judgements of others?
  • How well did you stay grounded and grateful during this time? 

Life Balance Score 

  • How will did you do with your exercise? 
  • How well did you do with your diet/nutrition? 
  • How well did you sleep? 
  • How well did you do in your relationships? 
  • How well did you do with your spirituality, faith, connections, etc.? 
  • How well did you connect with & treat your friends? 
  • How well did you connect with & treat your family? 
  • How well did you manage your finance? 
  • How well did you manage your emotions? 
  • How kind, loving, and forgiving were you towards yourself? 

How to Build your Roadmap for Success 

roadmap to success

Your ideal future is within reach, if you plan and envision your goals, build the right habits at stepping stones to get there, and regularly evaluate your progress and celebrate your successes. 

Apply what you learned in this 3 phase process to any area of your personal or professional life. 

And remember...Fiercely and constantly protect your goals. Choose every day to protect your goals, overcome fears, and critical voices.

Again, if you have not completed part 1 and part 2, make sure you revisit it to complete the entire process!

If you've found this process helpful for you, or if you wish to dig deeper into my methods when I help my clients as an Executive Coach to set their goals, book a free coaching consultation with me and let's talk through it. 

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