Refund policy

Booking Policy

A new book should be made Online at least 48 hours before the session start. Once you complete your booking, you’ll be sent a confirmation email with information to help you get ready for your coaching session.

While accountability is both the Client’s responsibility and my offering to better our experience, the Client takes full responsibility for their company’s or organization’s own decision-making and actions for outcomes and consequences.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

If you’d like to cancel or reschedule your session, please go back to your original session confirmation email and there will be a prompt to do so. Please note, you cannot cancel or reschedule your coaching session online within a 24-hour window of your session time. Please Contact Us in the rare case this situation arises. On the rare occasion, if we need to cancel an appointment, VIV Coaching reserves the right to do so at any time with an opportunity to re-book the session when it works for both parties.

Cancellation: Refundable more than 24 hours before the reserved session. Non-refundable within 24 hours before the session starts. 

Rescheduling: Before the 24-hour window prior to the session, reschedule is free of charge. After the 24-hour window (less than 24 hours before the reserved session starts) is considered as the session cancelled, therefore non-refundable.

Questions about the Book Policy should be sent to us by submitting a Contact Form.