Change Management for organizations are key to growth

Change Management Is Integral In Helping Your Organization Grow

I recently came across some research by Mckinsey and Company showing that 70% of all change initiatives fail within companies. I was not surprised by such an inflated number, but rather saddened. 

It all comes back to human nature. Humans feel unsettled when we have to change so we want to stick to old habits. This doesn’t work for companies, where change is necessary to grow. 

So, how do we push for change that delivers results?

First, what is change management? 

When your company is making short or long-term organizational changes, change management helps to provide support from the early stages of change planning to the implementation & analysis.

Change is essential for company growth, it's how you manage it that makes the transition easier.

What does change management involve?

It’s an integral process to guide organizations through a variety of changes including: 

  • Finding the best ways to improve business processes. 
  • Reallocating budgets to make processes more efficient. 
  • Implementing new technology to make business systems smoother. 
  • Structuring the organization in a way that makes work more meaningful.  
  • Navigating crises in the working environment. 

Pro tip: Be prepared for change before the change even comes. That’s how you stay ahead of the curve. 

What’s the purpose of change management for an organization? 

Change is difficult and people don’t thrive on it, but it's essential for organizations to grow. So that’s why change management in an organization aims to make transitions smoother and to minimize the impact of change on people. Through my coaching sessions, I help to clear roadblocks so organizations can reach their full potential. 

Change Management is essential for organizations to grow.

Still not convinced about Change Management? 

As an Executive Coach, I've helped many companies with their change management implementation. Here's a few benefits of implementing change management for your organization:

  • Enhance productivity as employees can focus on work rather than what's going on in the company. 
  • Inspire the employees to be more innovative and allow them to explore new ways of doing things. 
  • Ensure that everyone is on the same page and are working towards a common goal. It will not only unify the organization but improve decision making

Change is the only way to grow a company, but there’s a better way to a path of least resistance.

Now that you better understand what change management is...

How does VIV Coaching help clients with Change Management? 

While many companies focus on the mechanics of Change Management, VIV Coaching addresses the often missing piece of change: the mindset and behaviors that individuals in the organization need to have to effectively and efficiently get through the period of change. 

To read more about how VIV Coaching can help you with change management in your organization, please visit our About Us page.

If you or your company wants to discuss more about change management, book a free coaching consultation with me today. 

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