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Top 7 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is the best lead generation platform. Don’t believe us? 

LinkedIn lead conversion rates for B2B are 3X higher than other major social platforms

70% say LinkedIn is one of the most trusted sources of information. 

82% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn has been their most successful platform.

Do we have your attention yet? 

So, now that you know the power of LinkedIn, you might be wondering, how do I navigate LinkedIn posting to drive higher quality traffic to my business? Don’t worry, my team and I have created these tips just for you!  

Top 7 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Posts

Here are our top 7 tips for posting on LinkedIn:  

1. Don’t overdo your hashtags, instead use the most relevant ones. 

3 hashtags per post is the magic number. If you want to use more, then 9 hashtags will be your limit before LinkedIn marks your post as spam.

Bonus tip: Do an audit of the current hashtags you are using. If there are more than 10,000 users following those hashtags, or if there is a flood of posts coming out each hour using those specific hashtags, then you might want to rethink your choices. Why? Your posts won’t be buried in a sea of content. Using hashtags that have a niche following allows your post to have a higher chance of appearing on other people’s pages. 

2. Always include a call to action at the end of your posts 

Even though users found your posts insightful, they may not think to perform an action. The call to action at the end of your post will remind them. 

3. Find the optimal time to post your content.

It depends on your audience! Make sure to test what days and times are the best for posting content. You never know if content for your business does better at 8:00am or 7:00pm. Post consistently and on a regular basis. 

Post at Optimal Times for LinkedIn.

4. Make sure to tag relevant people in your posts

LinkedIn is a community for conversations. Tagging others not only increases your post’s impressions and reach, but boosts engagement and comments! Invite your audience to join the comment section by tagging them. 

5. Make sure your copy is spaced out! 

Write one to two lines maximum per paragraph. Big paragraphs can be overwhelming and hard to read. Also, spacing your copy entices users to click on the “See more” to read what you’ve written in your post, so that increases your engagement. 

6. Create both personal and professional content for your LinkedIn feed.  

Your audience wants to know who they are going to do business with, that’s why having a mix of personal and professional content will build a clearer picture of who you are. The content could be something you learned, or a trip you went on. Whenever you can, make sure that the posts include something of value (i.e knowledge or take away) for your audience. 

Bonus tip: When sharing personal content, share a picture of yourself so people can relate better to it.

Make your LinkedIn a mix of personal and professional posts.

7. Find the content types that work best for your niche or industry.

PDF carousel and short form videos do the best on LinkedIn. If you decide to give short form videos a shot, add captions. It allows your audience to have a better experience watching your videos. 

Alright, now go give it a try! LinkedIn can be a great way to attract your ideal business prospects. Ultimately, if you aren't using LinkedIn as a marketing tool then you could be missing out on the gold mine of business leads. 

LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses.

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