What Does An Executive Coach Do?

What Does An Executive Coach Do?

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Sara Wang, I am an executive coach in Vancouver. But today, I’m not here to talk about how I got there (we’ll save that story for another time), I want to share with you what an executive coach does and how we dedicate our time to help businesses thrive. 

What is an executive coach? 

As an executive coach in Vancouver, I help my clients unlock their full potential, clarify goals, & overcome obstacles, online or in person. My approach varies from client to client, but it always starts with questions, challenging assumptions, and providing resources. Ultimately, my goal is to devise a plan to identify your strengths and optimize performance.

Executive Coach in Vancouver

Who is an executive coach suitable for? 

Executive coaches work with anyone who are usually executives, upper management or high potential employees including: 

  • Presidents
  • Vice presidents 
  • Founders 
  • Senior directors 
  • Chief executive officers (CEO)
  • Chief financial officers (CFO)
  • Chief operating officers (COO)
  • Chief information officers (CIO)

How can executive coaches help you? 

  • Clarify goals and develop strategic objectives for your business 
  • Improve your inherent leadership skills. 
  • Cultivate interpersonal communication and relationships. 
  • Develop resilience when changes occur in your business. 
  • Set strategic direction, and receiving honest as well as objective feedback. 
  • Improve your self-awareness. 

Remember, each executive coach will have a different area of focus, so choose wisely! With VIV Coaching, I am focused on DEI, sustainable development, leadership coaching, change management, and strategic development.

Book a call with me today to chat about any of these areas.

How do I know if executive coaching is right for me? 

Is hiring an Executive Coach right for you?

Think about the following questions and see if any of them resonate with you.

1. What are you hoping to gain from executive coaching? 

Can you sense that something might be missing in your business, but not sure what it is? An executive coach will help you to clarify your strategy, improve your leadership skills (Check out our other blog to improve your communication skills as a leader here) & develop a plan to reach your target goals. You won't need to carefully edit your thoughts like you do with a colleague. 

2. Are you ready for change? 

Executive coaching is client-focused. We get to the root issue of your business downfalls and help you solve them. However, it really comes down to your level of hunger to change. Are you ready to dig deep and make that change?  

3. Do you value a collaborative relationship? 

The client and coach relationship is like a partnership. You both work together to achieve a new perspective, approach, or goal. You only get as much as you are putting in. 

If you have any questions about how I’ve helped my clients and their businesses through executive coaching, check out these case studies.  

Feel free to also book a no obligation free coaching consultation with me here as well. 

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