How I Helped My Client Secure 6X More Funding

How I Helped My Client Secure 6X More Funding

You’ve probably heard people say that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. The saying infers that it takes a great deal of effort to earn money, so you should limit how you spend it. Contrary to that metaphor, I do believe that money does grow from trees (it’s my business mindset). 

Let’s re-frame our mindset.

When you put an apple seedling into soil and properly care for it, eventually the tree will grow and create the “fruits of your labor”. That is the return on your business investment. From a tiny apple seedling that cost very little to a big tree filled with apples. Don’t limit your beliefs that “spending” your money is like throwing it away; instead replace it with “investing”. It’s a growth mindset.

Change your business mindset from spending to investing.

Why am I telling you this? 

Have you ever wanted to scale your business, but the thought of investing scared you?

One of my clients, Ingrid, owns a corporate language training company that uses improv. She was working tirelessly but received insignificant results.

After evaluating her business model and work process, I discovered that instead of focusing on what she was really good at, Ingrid worked hours upon hours doing everything on her own. Ingrid was buried in the day to day operations of her business, from creating and teaching classes, writing social media posts, recording videos, to networking. She felt frustrated, exhausted, and uninspired. 

The female entrepreneur business mindset often shies away from wanting to borrow money and be in debt to support their business.

I also realized she shied away from looking for funding, which is rather common in a lot of women entrepreneurs. Many are even proud of not having debt. In fact, in this Harvard Business Review, they state that female entrepreneurs receive only about 2% of all venture funding, despite owning 38% of the businesses in the country. Many women entrepreneurs’ fear of investment into their business is rooted in their self-doubts of their ability to pay it back. 

This is not an uncommon business mindset amongst women. According to a 2020 survey by WeBC, a majority of female business owners don’t have sources of long-term funding, despite 70% of female business owners expressing the need to access funding to support their growth. 

It was clear that Ingrid needed to strengthen the growth mindset for her business.

How did business coaching change her mindset? 

Changing our business mindset.

We need to clear the inner flow for success before looking at the business model, money structure, and framework. Through a series of simple exercises Ingrid learns to become aware of her negative business mindset, make conscious choices to recognize these fears and to replace them. We practiced letting those negative thoughts flow past without being emotionally engaged, so that she could keep moving forward constructively. 

With a new business mindset, she was able to secure 6 times more funding than expected. 

What can you take away from Ingrid’s story?

  • Money is energy! If money cannot flow out then it can’t flow in, so invest in your business accordingly. 
  • Once you are aware of your negative business mindset, make a conscious choice to replace it with more constructive thoughts.
  • Efficiency & effectiveness - Let experts do their job rather than spinning the wheel by yourself, so you can focus on what really matters to grow your business faster and more consistently. 

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