Sara participates in the IGNITE Leadership Program.

IGNITE Leadership Program Interview

Sara was drawn to the IGNITE Leadership Program from WeBC as a way to not only connect with like-minded women, but to have a lasting impact on the community and create positive change. She said in an interview with WeBC, 

“I wanted to take more actions and contribute to the community, and by joining other wonderful women, together we become the powerful force of real change. 

Meeting and seeing so many amazing women taking such a move towards leadership in society, and being empowered and inspired by each other made the experience so valuable.” 

When asked about the different IGNITE Leadership program sections of Mentoring, Investor and Board Advisor, Sara found the investor section to be the most impactful. Through this segment she learned things she wasn’t expecting and received great insight from the presenter.

“I had invested in ventures in the past, but I never thought about impact investment before. It’s so wonderful! 

Inspired about the future Sara is looking to advance her leadership journey by extending into areas of board advisory and impact investment. 

“I haven’t formed a clear plan yet. However, the program opened my eyes and provided lots of very useful resources. 

I plan to participate more in non-profit sectors that make a real difference. And be more proactive in the community. 

I have already signed up for and started some mentoring programs for women and youth that were suggested in the IGNITE program, and I’m excited to look into opportunities for the board of directors and impact investment, and to bring more value to the community.”